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ICOM IC-A110EURO 8,33KHZ AIR rádiostanica

pozemné airband stanice. výroba skončená
Popis Rádiostanice pre letecké pásmo určená pre inštaláciu do auta, alebo na vežu.
Certifikácia CAA
robustné prevedenie
Ľahké a rýchle programovanie kanálov počítačom

Frekvenčný rozsah: 118-136,975MHz
Kanálová rozteč: 8,33kHz alebo 25kHz automaticky
Druh modulácie: 6K00A3E (AM)
Počet kanálov: 20
Anténny konektor: SO239 / 50Ohm
Napájanie: 13,75V DC alebo 27,5V DC
Odber prúdu (pri 13,75V): Tx max 5A; Rx max 4A; Rx standby 0,5A
Teplotný rozsah: -10 až +55 st. C
Kmitočtová stabilita: + -1ppm
Rozmery: 150x50x180mm
Váha: cca 1,5 kg
Výkon vysielača: typ. 36W PEP

Icom (UK) Ltd, are pleased to announce the launch of the IC-A110EURO Air Band transceiver . Conveniently sized, this new transceiver is capable of being installed in most vehicles and is particularly aimed at airport ground crew. Continuing the traditions of high quality engineering that you would expect from Icom, the IC-A110EURO is designed to provide rugged and reliable ground crew communications in the most demanding of environments.

Simplicity and ease of use are the watchwords for the IC-A110EURO. The IC-A110EURO features a limited number of keys and a clear LCD display that makes the product especially straightforward to use. In fact, this transceiver can display up to 7 character memory names for each channel allowing quick and trouble-free channel recognition and selection.

A side tone function is incorporated, which allows transmitted messages to be heard by standard aviation headsets (even in the most demanding operating airport conditions). Additional to the predominantly used 25kHz channel spacing, the IC-A110EURO complies with new regulations and uses 8.33 kHz channel spacing.

The IC-A110EURO is extremely robust and can be used in extremely cold weather conditions. In fact, the LCD is guaranteed to work in temperatures from -30C to +70C.

The IC-A110EURO also includes a clever optional 'on hook' scan function. Hanging the microphone on the microphone hanger activates the auto scan function. When released, the transceiver will return to the last used, or priority channel, depending on the selection. Various scan functions, such as VFO and priority scans are also available.

The IC-A110EURO compactly measures 150(W) x 50(H) x 180(D) mm thus making it ideal for mounting in a broad range of vehicles. A total of 20 memory channels are available. The IC-A110EURO has a front mounted speaker capable of producing audio output power of 1.5W allowing audio to be clearly heard during operation (this can be increased to 10W with an external speaker).

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Executive at Icom (UK) Ltd said, 'The IC-A110EURO will provide durability and reliability even in the most demanding of environments. I am sure the IC-A110Euro's small, compact design and ease of use will ensure that it is a major success amongst all ground-based staff.'


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