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Surveillance and Control Devices - camera detector SPLA-SIGINT-1

vyhľadávanie a vizualizáciu na mieste prenosných systémov tajné pozorovanie, maskovaných v rôznych položiek, pracovné alebo odpojené kompaktných fotoaparátov za rôznych svetelných podmienok až do vzdialenosti maximálne 500 až 1000 m.
Popis Surveillance and Control Devices - camera detector SPLA-SIGINT-1  VIP

Devices are designed for search and visualisation of people, portable systems of secret observation (SOS - Secret Observation System) and other objects, camouflaged in the various items, clothing, working or disconnected compact cameras under both intensive day and low night lighting conditions.

SPLA-SIGINT is designed for search and visualization the place of portable systems of secret observation (SOS - Secret Observation System), camouflaged in the various items, clothing, working or disconnected compact cameras under different lighting conditions at distances up to maximum 500 - 1000 m. (depending on weather condition).

Basic operation principle is "cat's eye" effect (light-reflecting effect) lying in ability of optical objects to reflect probing radiation in opposite direction with angle close to its incidence angle. Semi-conducting laser IR diode (transmitting channel) serves as the source of probing radiation. The reflected signal is registered by sensitive video camera on the basis of interleave transfer sensor (reception channel). The Device is developed on non-parallax optical scheme, i.e. with optical alignment of reception and transmitting channels.

Transmitting channel generates laser beam in the form of vertically located rectangular raster. Ability of illuminating raster can be changed if necessary, depending on distance to surveillance object, for reception of the best image contrast. Image focusing on sharpness is carried out by adjustment of video camera objective.

Visualization of surveillance objects is carried out through built in pseudo-binocular. In order to receive better images the body of the Device is equipped with fastening and connection for external 5"LCD-monitor (delivered on request of the Customer), and also with external CCIR standard video signal socket for connection with external monitor, video recorder or computer (with video input card).

Main Technical Characteristics:

Characteristics of radiation receiver
Type of receiver
1/2", CCD
Size of receiver
752x582 p

Lens of detector
Focal distance
50 mm
Angle of the field of vision
7.3° x 5.5°
Focusing range
2 m ... ∞

Action range
Detection range of watching and detection facilities
Actual effective detection range depends on weather conditions
up to 500 ... 1000 m

Ocular and built-in display
Turning range of ocular
±4 dioptres
- type and display resolution
AMLCD 0,44",
640x480 pixel

Type of built-in light source
808 nm
Angle of highlight area

Functional capabilities
- constant/pulse modes of laser illumination;
- brightness control.

PAL, LEMO connector
Self-contained power supply:
- Type of power supply
- Voltage of power supply

Replaceable battery
Power supply:
- mains adapter
12 V
Operating continuous time under the normal climatic conditions. no less than
3 hours

Physical characteristics
Weight, with power sources
1,6 kg
Overall sizes
220x150x80 mm
Degree of protection

Operating conditions
Operating temperature range

Delivery set:

SPLAS device
Video cable
Charging unit
AC/DC converter
Rechargeable battery
Protective packing. Plastic case with foam-rubber pad.

Can be purchased separately:
LCD-monitor (with attachment point)


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