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NR-μ is designed to search electronic devices containing semiconductor components

NR-μ is designed to search electronic devices containing semiconductor components.
Nonlinear locators in other words, "detector nonlinear transitions" are intended to identify and isolate secretly installed electronic eavesdropping. Nonlinear radars can detect a simple "bugs" and complex audio-video control system, regardless of their employment status (enabled - off - Standby mode.) 

This refers to a nonlinear transition semiconductor datasheets (diodes, transistors, integrated circuits) which are essential for the creation of modern electronics, including the interception and covert surveillance cameras. Nonlinear locators successfully cope with finding parts and components to the remote control improvised explosive devices. 
NR-μ is designed to search electronic devices containing semiconductor components. 
instrument is used to examine light building structures, furniture and interior (office space), to identify electronic devices non-transparent information (radio, microphone amplifiers, tape recorders, etc. etc.), in various modes in the mode of transmission, off or in "watch" mode (for devices with remote control). 
The lightweight body and a built-cable system antenna and honey osnovnoym block design makes the device compact and easy to use it.
Circuit design solutions used in the device, and can combine the benefits of nonlinear pulse radars.
An additional indicator of signal levels at 2 and 3 harmonics, located in the antenna system, convenient for visual search results.
Possibility of tuning the frequency of the signal allows to work in difficult noise obstanove.
Sliding telescopic bar is useful for examination of furniture and building structures. 
search modeaverage, 0.4 watts
mode on the envelope (continuous)not less than 2 W
Weakening the power of the probe signal two steps of 5dB
Receiver sensitivity for a signal / noise ratio 10dBbetter than -150 dB / W [minus 120dBm]
The weakening of the input levels of receiversfour steps of 10 dB
Antenna, polarizationdirectional, circular
Localization accuracy goal at least 0.1 m
Food autonomous
Time of continuous operation from a single source at least 5 hours
Weight (in position / packaged)2.9 kg / 6.5 kg 


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