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laser microfon

Laser microphone, SPECTRA Laser microph:professional Laser

StealthLaser P is proffesional grade yet affordable laser listening device which allows you to listen through windows up to 1000 meteres far.

Product description StealthLaser P Laser listening device - 

Laser listening device

Laser listening device can be assempled just in couple of minutes and it can allows you to listen through windows which are situated in optimal conditions up to 1000 metres far. In standard conditions, in daylight is operating range of laser listening device around 500 metres.

Functions of StealthLaser P:

  • invisible laser beam
  • portable and quick set up
  • virtually impossible to detect
  • listening and recording simultaneously
  • no need of plugging any transpoder inside or outside a monitored object
  • special optical system for quickly finding the reflect laser beam

Principle of laser listening device

Every sound is emmiting vibrations which are transferred to a surface around. Laser listening device can pick up the micro-vibrations from windows by aiming the laser to it and catching the reflected beam into an optical receiver. Then are optical signals demodulated to sound waves, which are filtered and amplified, so you can listen and record sounds in real-time.

Due to our special optical system is very easy to aim the laser system properly in short period of time.

StealthLaser P is professional grade laser listening device which is designed for using by government agencies and professional surveillance teams.

Package contents:

  • Laser listeing device StealthLaser P
  • 2x professional tripod
  • demodulating unit


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