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Radio Channel «RADIOBARRIER» System JammerRadio Channel «RADIOBARRIER» System Jammer

Radio Channel «RADIOBARRIER» System Jammer

System Jammer rádius 500m Radiobarrier
Radio Channel «RADIOBARRIER»
System Jammer 
System Jammer rádius 500m
RS-U Universal Intrusion Detection
for stationary application tactic
Planted in soil 20 to 30 cm deep for concealment.
Operates in four modes:
1. Seismic detection device.
Radius of a foot-borne intruder detection – up to 100
m, vehicle – up to 200 m.
2. Detection device of tension-release type.
The detection zone is created by means of stretching
the micro wire of a coil connected to the RS-U sensor.
3. Magnetic contact detection device.
4. External device activating unit.
Based on a special two-way data exchange protocol
with frequency range of 433…435 MHz.
Radio signal source is practically impossible to locate
and trace because of a very short duration of
transmission sessions (less than 1ms).
Handshaking procedure guarantees delivery of signal.
Thanks to burst mode operation of radio transmitter
the system achieves super-low power consumption – below 2 mW.

Produkt zo skupiny „Zvláštny režim
The product of a group of "special regime"


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