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Professional GSM Communications JammerProfessional GSM Communications Jammer

Professional GSM Communications Jammer

Professional GSM Communications Jammer

Cellular Communications Control

Blockphone is a range of products designed to block mobile phones and prevent all cellular transmissions, without interfering with other communication systems.

When activated Blockphone produces signals that jam cellular devices by preventing them from sending or receiving. All the incoming calls are thus directed to the subscribers voice mail.

With adjustable frequencies and power levels Blockphone can be rolled out and set up in any location where the use of mobile phones is prohibited or undesirable.

ABP27 designed for indoor applications approx coverage 10-15m.
ABP80 designed for outdoor applications approx coverage 30-40m.
ABP120 designed for outdoor applications approx coverage 100-150m.
The Blockphone provides the following features

All cellular standards available.
Single, dual, tri and quad-band systems.
Digital power control (61 power levels).
Remote Control (optional) .
Connection to Detectphone (optional).
Mains or Battery operation (optional).
Can be supplied in a waterproof case.
Typical applications include Prisons, Embassies, VIP protection and EOD units.


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