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BCD996XT Digitálny skener pre TRUNK pasmaBCD996XT Digitálny skener pre TRUNK pasma

BCD996XT Digitálny skener pre TRUNK pasma

Hravo si podradí z Motorola Astro Digital II, či APCO P25.
Dekodér policajných vysielačiek ?

Nový Uniden BCD996XT môže vyzerať rovnako ako jeho podobne pomenované predchodcu, 996T, ale vnútri je to celé úplne inak! Nový skener výrazne zvyšuje latku sa veľa lepšie APCO-25 digitálne dekódovanie, rovnako ako množstvo nových funkcií a väčšiu pamäť. Pre tých, ktorí majú radi GPS skenovanie, funkcia žiadny iný výrobca neponúka, si teraz môžete povoliť alebo zakázať nielen systémov, ale aj skupín v závislosti na lokalite (voliteľné GPS anténu, ktorá sa predávajú, je potreba). Radio teraz ponúka kapela-rozsah funkcií, požiarne Tone Out vyhľadávacie funkcie, ktoré vám pomôžu určiť tón sa používa frekvencie, zlepšenie Zavrieť Volanie APCO-25 NAC dekódovaní kódu, a ďalšie. 996XT je veľký leapforward.

The new Uniden BCD996XT may look the same as its similarly named predecessor, the 996T, but inside it's a whole lot different! The new scanner significantly raises the bar with much improved APCO-25 digital decoding as well as a host of new features and more memory. For those who like GPS scanning, a feature no other manufacturer offers, you can now enable and disable not only Systems but Groups as well depending on your location (the optional GPS antenna that we sell is required). The radio now offers a band-scope feature, a Fire Tone Out search feature to help you determine the tone out frequencies being used, improved Close Call, APCO-25 NAC code decoding, and more. The 996XT is a big leapforward.
Included in the box
  • BCD996XT Scanner
  • AC Adapter
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter Power Cord
  • Three-Wire Harness
  • Mounting Bracket and Hardware
  • Telescopic Antenna
  • PC Serial Cable
  • O/M on CD ROM
  • Other Printed Materials
  • Mounting Sleeve and Keys
Online Resouces
Features (New Features over the older model 996T shown in bold)
  • TrunkTracker IV with Control-Channel Only scanning and I-Call monitoring: Tracks voice traffic on P25, Motorola, EDACS, and LTR Trunked systems
  • Supports scanning of Rebanded systems
  • APCO25 Digital Audio decoding
  • Support for P25 Conventional channels that include NAC and TGID user differentiation (P25 One-Frequency Trunk)
  • Adaptive Digital Threshold - Automatically sets the digital decode threshold for APCO 25 systems
  • EDACS ESK support
  • Control Channel Data Output - allows the analysis of control channel data without the need to perform invasive modifications to the scanner
  • Close Call RF Capture
  • Close Call Temporary Store (last 10 hits)
  • GPS Support for location-based scanning, location alerts, and crows-flight navigation*
  • Independent GPS Control of Sites and Channel Groups*
  • Supported step sizes: 5, 6.25, 7.5, 8.33, 10, 12.5,15, 20, 25, 50 or 100 kHz
  • Fire Tone Out Alert
  • Fire Tone Out Search - built-in frequency counter displays the received tones.
  • Band Scope - gives a graphic representation of signal activity.
  • Multi-color display backlight
  • Multi-Site support
  • DCS/CTCSS Rapid Decode
  • NAC decoding
  • Ability to flag a channel as Digital, Analog, or All
  • Temporary Lockout
  • 10 Startup Configurations
  • System / Channel Number Tagging - provides rapid access to a specific system or channel.
  • Scan and (selected) Service Search simultaneously
  • Frequency/IDAutoStore - automatically store frequencies from a service or limit search into a conventional system or store talk group IDs into a trunked system
  • 16 character text tagging for each system, group, channel, talkgroup, search range, and SAME group
  • Compatible with BC-RH96 Remote Head
  • Analog and Digital AGC
  • Quick Search
  • Individual channel volume offset
  • Intermediate Frequency Exchange - changes the IF used for a selected frequency to help avoid image and other mixer-product interference on a frequency.
  • Key Safe Mode - lets you hand the scanner to a novice user and prevent programming from being modified.
  • Private Systems - lets you flag a system so that it cannot be read out of the scanner or modified.
  • 12 Service Searches - Public Safety, News, HAM Radio, Marine, Railroad, Air, CB Radio, FRS/GMRS, Racing, Military Air, FM Broadcast, and Special (Itinerant)
  • Custom Search - lets you program up to 10 search ranges
  • SAME Weather Alert
  • Weather Priority
  • Priority Scan with Priority Plus
  • Priority ID Scan on trunked systems
  • Preemptive Priority on Motorola analog systems
  • Quick-Access Search Keys
  • Negative Channel dropout delay (forced resume)
  • Signal Strength display
  • LCD and Keypad Backlight
  • Adjustable scan delay
  • Adjustable Hold (0-255 sec) per system, custom or service search
  • Strong signal attenuation
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Channel Alert (both tones and backlight color)
  • Independent Alert Tone Volume - lets you set the volume level of the following tones: Key Beep, Emergency Alert, Channel Alert, and Close Call Alert.
  • Repeater Reverse
  • Broadcast signal ignore while searching (TV and radio station frequencies, pagers, etc)
  • Duplicate Channel Alert
  • PC Programming and Control
  • Wired Cloning
  • Record Output
  • Automatic backlight level detection (when used with the "Orange" wire connected to a headlight switched power lead)
  • DIN / ISO In-Dash Mounting with included DIN-E sleeve.

Frequency Coverage

  • 25.0000 - 512.0000 MHz
  • 758.0000 - 823.9875 MHz
  • 849.0125 - 868.9875 MHz
  • 894.0125 - 960.0000 MHz
  • 1240.0000 - 1300.0000 MHz


  • Channels: 25,000 maximum
  • Systems: 500 maximum
  • Groups per system: 20 maximum
  • Talkgroups per trunked system: 500 maximum
  • Channels per conventional system: 1000 maximum
  • Scan Rate: 100 channels per second (conventional mode)
  • Search Rate: 300 steps per second (on 5 kHz steps)
  • System Quick Key range: 0-99
  • Group Quick Key range: 0-9
  • Custom Search Ranges: 10
  • Startup Keys: 10
  • System Number Tagging: 999
  • Channel Number Tagging: 999
  • Preprogrammed Service Search Bands: 12
  • Band Scope Span Range: 0.2 MHz To 500 MHz
  • Band Scope Step: 5 kHz To 100 kHz

Special Functions

Band Scope Function


  • Frequency Span 0.2 MHz To 500 MHz
  • Frequency Step 5 kHz To 100 kHz



  • 250.0-3500.0Hz , 0.1Hz Step Programmable

WX Alert


  • 1050 Hz Tone System
  • NWR-SAME System (Warning / Watch / Advisory)

Supported trunking systems


  • Motorola Systems: Type I, II, II/I (hybrid)
  • EDACS Systems: FM, NFM, and SCAT
  • LTR Systems
  • APCO Systems: Astro Imbe, Astro 25

Dynamic memory allocation capacity


  • Systems: 500 max
  • Groups: 20 per system
  • Site: 1000 max (All) 256 per system
  • Channels: 25000 max (40128 memory blocks)
  • Channels per Trunked System: 500 max

Heterodyne System


  • 1st IF: 380.7 to 380.8 MHz / 265.5 to 265.6 MHz
  • 2nd IF: 10.8 MHz
  • 3rd IF: 450 kHz


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